What does branding even mean?

Branding is so much more than just your logo, your business cards or your website. Branding every part of the relationship you have with your customers. From the moment you say hi to the first time they walk in your store - smells, colors, music, light, how your clients are greeted.

We break down branding into 3 main areas.
Visual - Verbal - Experiential

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Visual branding

What does your business card tell people about yourself? Does your logo tell the world "Hey, I do this!"?

Gabriel, Meteorics Art Director, has over 15 years experience building brands from the ground up and re-inventing some of the worlds most well known brands. Design and music are part of his soul, as a designer, his work is melodious and conveys the "who", the soul of each brand.


verbal branding

Just Words. But these words will resonate with your clients, simple, effective and sales producing. We start with the dictionary exercise and define your business in the long form. From their we work on your boilerplate, then on to slogan and tag line. 

Tag Lines are Joey's favorite thing in branding, those 5 words or less that tell the world what you do. We work on this together to be sure that we are not just telling the right message but telling the message in your tone.



experience branding

Have you ever been to a ribbon cutting where the owner the company stands up and talks about himself? Then everyone drinks, eats and goes home. Did anyone learn anything? Does it get monotonous? This is more than planning a party, this is your moment to let the world know how you differ from every other company like yours. 

Your space defines you! We work with 2 of the worlds up and coming interior designers to create spaces that match your brand. Sandra Olave designs work spaces that are both functional and creative. Michael Tarud specializes in lighting design that is both energy saving and mood creating. 

Award Winning Web Design.

1 or 10,000 Products we have you covered.

User experience is at the center of every project we touch. How will they interact with your site, what do the colors, sounds, movements convey? What will help them take that next step of making an appointment or placing that order?

JOEY has over 20 years experience designing, testing and refining landing and lead pages increasing conversion rates, putting more cash in your pocket.