Website and Ecommerce Marketing

15 years and over 35 succeful product and service launches online and on the side! I was born and raised in small business so I understand the need to stretch every dollar. I had the unique opportunity to grow up in eCommerce in the 2000's, attending every IRCE for nearly 10 years and helping quickly grow several eCommerce Startups to million dollar companies. Aside from buildng beautiful websites, these are a few services that have been proven growth engines.

These work so well, I use them for this site.



They already visited your businesses website, why not look bigger than you are? Your ads will only be shown to targeted folks that have already shown intrest in your products, saving you on ad spend. These retargeted ads convert 30-40% higher than standard PPC ads. They work for online retailers, B2B and B2C companies alike. Plans start at $995 setup and $350 for management.

How it works:

Your vistor gets tagged with a pixel that follows them both around the web and on social media. Say you offer legal services and that customer visited your real estate page. The platform we work with would then serve ads about your Real Estate Legal Services, inviting the customer back to the site to learn more about it.


To entice your clients to come back, we can offer a guide or tips on choosing the right person for the job or another digital asset in exchange for their email address. This grows your list, quickly.

Referral Marketing

Referral and Lead Groups are on the rise and as much as I try to visit them, being an entreprenuer, you don't always have the time.

Now, imagine you have an amazing group of happy clients. Why not leverage them to promote you and your services or products!

How it works:

Your client has an amazing experience with your service. They share that experience with their friends on Facebook and now can offer a coupon or discount to their friends. 

For doing this, you can offer a rewards program to your clients, pay them in cash, products, gifts, or points!

The platform I use is easy and intuitive, tracks and handles all payouts, it even creates the posts for the client when they don't know what to say!

Setup starts at $995, montly maintanace and monitoring starts at $349

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