Brand Strategy Series




An educational series designed to give small businesses and entrepreneurs present themselves in a professional manner, increase their sales and create brand awareness that helps them succeed.

Class 1: Finding your who and why. (1 hour)
$35 per person.
In this hands on class, we discover your company voice, write your vision and mission statement. We also work on tag lines and calls to action. 

Class 2: 
Fundamentals of Design + Adobe Spark (2 hours)
$50 per person.
This is a hands on class, we cover the fundamentals of layout, typography and color threory. We will use Adobe Spark Post to create a print postcard, social media posts and google ads. 

Class 3A
Writing the perfect script that sells and shooting video. (2 hours)
$50 per person.
Have you ever wondered why so many people buy things from late night commercials? We cracked the secret and want to teach you! In this class we will script a 30 second and 1 min commercial for your biz and discuss best practices for shooting video with your smart device.

Class 3b: 
Fundamentals of Video Editing + Adobe Spark Video (1 hour)
$35 person.
For this class, we use the videos you captured using your script and we edit and product your 30sec and 1 min commercial.

Class 4: Creating a high converting landing page. (2 hours)
$50 per person. 
This is where we take all the content we created and build a landing page that can capture leads, get event sign ups or schedule appointments.

Class 5: 
Webmarketing Tips and Tricks. (1 hour)
$35 per person.
Now that you are a pro in creating content, here are a few cool website plugins you can use to increase sales and improve ROI.