Portraits, not headshots.

Business or Talent – when you are getting started, your portrait is the first impression people get of who you are. Let’s design a portrait session that represents the value you or your business bring to the world. 

JOEY gets to know you and your company before he shoots and designs lighting, helps you choose what colors to wear and picks the proper location for your shoot.


Business Photography

First impressions are everything and most folks get a headshot and they think they are done. Think of this as a portrait of your business. Every business is unique, your photos should represent your brand, company culture, your value proposition and what makes you different!  This can’t be done effectively using stock photos. We work with our clients to design a business photography photoshoot that will enhance your brand, tell your story and generate interest and of course generate more leads.


Lifestyle Photography and Products in use.

Capturing “real life” moments of your product or service brings your customers a better understanding of the product and a connection with your brand. What does your product do? How do we represent that in photos? This is Lifestyle photography at its core; visually defining what it is you do every day in photos. Let’s design an amazing lifestyle photoshoot that will increase brand awareness, bump up conversion rates and increase your bottom line.


We built a state of the art studio so you can sell more products faster.

For Adidas Y-3

For Adidas Y-3

We make your products look awesome.

Our team of Makeup Artists, Product Stylists and Digital Asset Managers to receive, prep, shoot, return your products and manage your photography assets.

Organized and methodical, our Commercial Photography Team treat your products like we do our cameras! Items are inventoried, prepared or assembled, photographed then repackaged with care. Our Digital Asset Management gets you your photos and ensures they are safe on redundant servers and in the cloud!

From start-ups to fortune 500 companies our studio photographs, retouches and uploads an average of 500 products per week and is scaleable to a unlimited number of items.



Product Photography

Event Photography

Your events need to tell a story, we do that through photos.
Being commercial photographers we take a marketers approach to covering events creating advertising quality photos that help you tell the world what you are up to! We use the latest in tech to offer live streaming of the event, instant photos printed on the spot as a great take home for your guests and online galleries available as soon as 24 hours from the time we shoot so guests can download and post their favorite photos from the event.


Speaker Highlights

Marcello Coltro - Senior Vice President Marketing, Digital & Creative at NBCUniversal Media, LLC

Marcello Coltro - Senior Vice President Marketing, Digital & Creative at NBCUniversal Media, LLC





Presenter Promo Shots

Beto Perez - Founder of Zumba .

Beto Perez - Founder of Zumba

Guest Interactions


Brand Placement


Let’s talk about your next event and how we can cover it!

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