JOEY and team have been dedicated to helping small businesses tell their story for over 15 years. We start with discovering or creating your brand. We work hand in hand to develop your story, design your flight plan and get to work. 

Content Timeline

  • We spend 3 days together, learning about your business and we create a flight plan.
  • Now that we have all the info, our writers create the story for the creative team.
  • We do a one day photoshoot to create a content arsenal for all our designs, social media and website that includes our world class headshots.
  • We spend another full day shooting a 2-3 sizzle reel for your business that includes an overview and 4 on camera interviews.

Website and Landing Page Development

We take all the beautiful custom content and create a sticky website.

timeline 1 week from completion of content

Composition - Color - User Experience

The three pillars of great design! Did you know that the colors you use can affect the way people react? We have mastered color theory and composition to create websites that are easy on the eyes and easy to use.

Check out Kay's site:

We Tell Your Story

Main Engines Go

Lets have a party!

This is where we differ. Our PR Machine is well greased and fine tuned! We launch your site, we test for usability, we refine the message and now we get it in front of your target audience. Your online (and sometimes offline) Ribbon Cutting Ceremony! Through mastery of Social Channels, Local Chambers, Press Releases and Paid Ads we drive qualified leads that turn into paying customers.


The Breakdown

Small Business Launch Plan

3 weekS To Launch

What you get:

Logo Design
-Includes 3 Initial Sketches and 2 rounds of revisions of the final.

Brand Identity Kit
-Includes Business Card Template Design, 1 round of revisions

Brand Story and Script Writing
-Includes a one hour discovery call with one of our writers, we present 3 story ideas, you chose 1 and you get 2 rounds of revisions included.

Creative Brief
-These are your Visual Guidelines. Hand these to any designer and they will be able to create branded content that flows with your brand. It will be presented as a PDF.

Commercial Photography Shoot
-Includes a one day, one location shoot that tells your brands story. Includes 2 models, 15-18 retouched images. All images can be licensed for a fee. Includes up to 10 headshots for staff. 

Sizzle Reel Video
-Includes a one day, one location shoot that tells your brands story. This is a full day production with 2 cameras, a director, a makeup artist and your writer. We will work with your clients, interview them and make them feel comfortable in front of the camera.  You will receive a 2-3 minute edit with one round of revisions.

User Centric Website
-Includes up to 5 pages, you chose the base theme and our team customizes it according to the Visual Guidelines. Includes a lead collection tool that can be integrated into your favorite email platform.
-Includes Remarketing Setup (ad spend not included.)

PR Launch
-Includes 1Press Release submitted to 3 relevant media outlets. 
-Social Media Blits consisting of free posts on 3 social media platforms
-Includes Paid Social Media Content and Posting (ad spend not included.)

Ribbon Cutting (Optional)
-We partner with your local Chamber of Commerce (We love the East Orlando Chamber!)
-Join the chamber and we take care of the rest! Lets fill your business with local folks that want to buy your goods!  Don't have an office? Then lets work with a local restaurant and create an amazing event to get the word out that you exist!

2 ways to pay!

We know how hard it can be to start a business and cash flow is key!

Local Launch:

All in, all from the same source all in 3 weeks. 50% Deposit required in order to get on the schedule - its that simple. 

Paypal Credit

We have partnered with PayPal to offer financing for all our services!