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Joey Genovesi - When I was young, I would visit my dad at his greenhouses where he had a product photography studio for all the amazing and innovative ways he would use to market plants and flowers.  

In 2001 I ended up at the Miami Ad School on South Beach studying fashion and advertising photography. Darryl Strawser, the Director of Photography for the school, was not only my mentor but an amazing friend. I was instantly hooked, shooting anything and everything wherever I could! I assisted Darryl on his commercial shoots, not only during the shoot but in pre and post production.  I learned a great deal from him and because of it, I landed my first commercial client less than a year after graduation. 

I have photographed everything from Rubber Ducks to Couture Apparel and Shoes. I have met some amazing people along the way and made many friends! JOEY is the culmination of lots of ideas, an amazing team and an undwavering passion to create aspiriational photography.

THE MIAMI HEART GALLERY-   I got a call from the Heart Gallery, they were short a photographer for a charity event and asked if I could make it - I jumped at the chance.  Little did I know, the press was there and I was shooting alongside Nigel Barker from Americas Next Top Model!  All that glitz and glam paled in comparison to getting to know the children on the shoot. Every child was adopted after our event.

This was the moment I realized I can use my photography skills like a super power!

Meteoric - The School for Creative Misfits-  Entrepreneurship is never easy, I read an amazing quote once: "Entrepreneurs are the crazy people who work 100 hours a week so they don't have to work a 40 hour week." Since Orlando helped us so much, what better way to give back than to give back to its children by teaching Advertising, Design, Photography, Writing and entrepreneurial skills to kids as a path to create their own space in the world. #beMeteoric is coming in June 2019.

GROW with jOEY

The groundwork has been laid and the studio is ready to rock! I’m looking for someone to join TEAM JOEY and help to drive rapid growth; both here at home and around the globe.

I was trained at the Miami Ad School in Advertising Photography and over the past 15 years, have cultivated a style all my own. I’ve landed entire collections for Adidas Y3 and have done portraits of influencers from across the board.

I have the book. I have the reputation. All I need now is top-shelf representation.

So, Join TEAM JOEY as my amazing Rep and let’s grow together!

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